Lampedusa isola di pace
Lettera alle autorità
Alarm Phone compie 5 anni
Call To Action
Statement in light of the current situation in the Mediterranean Sea and yesterday’s events
Support for a co-ordinated Humanitarian Search and Rescue operation is denied. Does the Turkish Coast Guard hold responsibility for the deaths of two persons at sea?
Lettera Aperta: Basta sensazionalismo. L’appello di Alarm Phone a media e volontari
Newspaper: Ferries for All
Callout for transnational actions on the 6th February 2016
Violazione dei diritti umani sull’isola di Farmakonisi
Comunicato dopo 1 anno di funzionamento
Distress at sea and endangered lives due to coastguard actions?
Push Back Frontex!
Watch The Med Alarm Phone against Left-to-die cases at Sea
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