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+334 86 51 71 61

Watch the med


Hotline for boatpeople in distress. No rescue, but Alarm.

How does the Alarmphone work?

In the following two vimeo-links you find two short video clips about the transnational project of WatchTheMed-Alarmphone
Push Back Frontex!
Alarmphone at Work24 / 7

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Amid Criminalization, Delayed Rescue, and Mass Dying, the Struggle for Freedom of Movement continues
Weekly Reports: Where is Europe’s Outrage? Continued Border Transgressions and Struggles in times of Mass Drownings, Push-Backs, and Europe’s Silence
WatchTheMed Alarm Phone denounces illegal push-back operation with Frontex present!
Weekly Reports: Changing Escape Routes: Alarm Phone experiences in the Mediterranean Sea
Statement in light of the current situation in the Mediterranean Sea and yesterday’s events
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