The Alarm Phone is 4 Years Old
United against Racism: For Safe Havens and Cities of Solidarity
"They took us, they even deported us. Inshallah next time…"
From the Sea to the City!
Over 2000 Alarm Phone Cases - No Reason for Celebration
Mediterranean Coalitions of Struggle
The Struggle of Women across the Sea
Sea Rescue
Entering 2018, Mediterranean Migration Struggles Continue
Three travellers gone missing in Western Mediterranean
The long summer of European border violence
Amid Criminalization, Delayed Rescue, and Mass Dying, the Struggle for Freedom of Movement continues
European civil rescue organizations stand up against smuggling allegations
Two Month Report: 'They want the Sea to Kill – We want a Bridge to Life!'
Six Week Report: Violence against migrants and NGOs escalates – Record numbers of crossings and deaths in the Central Med
Monthly Reports: International solidarity against mass drowning, detention and further border militarisation
Weekly Reports: Interceptions, Push-Backs, and Drownings: Another Summer in the Mediterranean Sea
Statement 26th of June 2016: Three deaths in the straight of Gibraltar caused by the arrival of the Marine Royal (Moroccan Navy)
Weekly Reports: Where is Europe’s Outrage? Continued Border Transgressions and Struggles in times of Mass Drownings, Push-Backs, and Europe’s Silence
Support for a co-ordinated Humanitarian Search and Rescue operation is denied. Does the Turkish Coast Guard hold responsibility for the deaths of two persons at sea?
WatchTheMed Alarm Phone Denounces Illegal Push-back Operation in Frontex Presence!
Weekly Reports: Changing Escape Routes: Alarm Phone experiences in the Mediterranean Sea
Statement in light of the current situation in the Mediterranean Sea and yesterday’s events
Statement: Boat with 500 Syrian and Iraqi refugees sank about 70km North East of Zuwara, Libya
Weekly Reports: Persistent attempts to reach Europe on ever more dangerous routes
Call for Donations for the Watch the Med Alarm Phone
Weekly Reports: The New Aegean Deportation Regime: Mass incarcerations in hotspots and forced expulsions of Migrants and Refugees
Weekly Report: The week that Europe agrees on inhumane deal with Turkey, many die at sea
Weekly Reports: Bad weather, violence and ongoing movements in the Aegean
Weekly Reports: Even prior to the EU-Turkey deal, thousands of people are locked into Turkey and Greece
Weekly Reports: Calls from the Greek-Macedonian border for international solidarity
Weekly reports: Militarization will make the Mediterranean border zone even more deadly!
Open Letter: Against sensationalist and undignified practices by volunteers and journalists
Newspaper: Ferries for All
Weekly Reports: Commemorating past border atrocities and struggling against future ones: Transnational solidarity actions on the day of more deaths at sea
Weekly reports: January 2016 - One of the deadliest months ever in the Aegean Sea
Callout for transnational actions on the 6th February 2016
Weekly Reports: Alarm Phone experienced both quiet and extremely busy shifts
Weekly Reports: New Year begins with more than 60 Deaths in the Aegean Sea and in Ceuta/Spain
Weekly Reports: The end of the year approaches – Migration toward Europe continues in high numbers
Weekly Reports: Many deaths in the Aegean Sea and hundreds stuck on Greek Military Island
Human rights violations on the island of Farmakonisi
New deaths in the Southern Border: A boat sinks towards the Canary Islands
Weekly reports: Unabated Migration Movements in all three regions of the Mediterranean Sea
Weekly reports: Deadly denial of assistance in the Western Med; borders of Greece increasingly sealed off
Weekly reports: 39 Emergency Situations in Europe’s maritime borderzones
Weekly reports: Stranded in the Aegean – The Alarm Phone received various distress calls from those who reached Greek Islands and needed immediate support
Most deadly week of 2015 in the Aegean Sea, Alarm Phone alerted to 100 distress cases
Weekly reports: The route has become even more dangerous
Frontex slows down registration procedures in “Hot Spot” Moria, leaving refugees for days in life-threatening conditions
Weekly Reports: Alarm Phone witnessed armed attacks on 6 boats in the Aegean Sea
1 Year Anniversary Statement
Weekly Report: What we are currently witnessing is not a ‘migration’ crisis but a European crisis
Weekly Report: Attacks occurred in the Aegean Sea by masked men, presumably units of the Greek coastguard
Distress at sea and endangered lives due to coastguard actions?
Push Back Frontex
Central Mediterranean
Western Mediterranean
Aegean Sea
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