Inmitten der Kriminalisierung, verspäteten Rettung und Massensterben geht der Kampf um Bewegungsfreiheit weiter
Europas zivile Rettungsorganisationen weisen FRONTEX-Vorwürfe zurück
Statement 26th of June 2016: Three deaths in the straight of Gibraltar caused by the arrival of the Marine Royal (Moroccan Navy)
Weekly Reports: Where is Europe’s Outrage? Continued Border Transgressions and Struggles in times of Mass Drownings, Push-Backs, and Europe’s Silence
Statement: Die Unterstützung einer koordinierten humanitären Rettungsoperation wurde verweigert.
Statement: WatchTheMed Alarm Phone prangert illegale push-back Operation in Anwesenheit von Frontex an
Weekly Reports: Changing Escape Routes: Alarm Phone experiences in the Mediterranean Sea
Stellungnahme von WatchTheMed Alarm Phone zur aktuellen Situation im Mittelmeer und den Ereignissen gestern
Statement: Boat with 500 Syrian and Iraqi refugees sank about 70km North East of Zuwara, Libya
Weekly Reports: Persistent attempts to reach Europe on ever more dangerous routes
Spendenaufruf für das Watch the Med Alarm Phone
Weekly Reports: The New Aegean Deportation Regime: Mass incarcerations in hotspots and forced expulsions of Migrants and Refugees
Weekly Report: The week that Europe agrees on inhumane deal with Turkey, many die at sea
Weekly Reports: Bad weather, violence and ongoing movements in the Aegean
Weekly Reports: Even prior to the EU-Turkey deal, thousands of people are locked into Turkey and Greece
Weekly Reports: Calls from the Greek-Macedonian border for international solidarity
Weekly reports: Militarization will make the Mediterranean border zone even more deadly!
Open Letter: Against sensationalist and undignified practices by volunteers and journalists
Newspaper: Ferries for All
Weekly Reports: Commemorating past border atrocities and struggling against future ones: Transnational solidarity actions on the day of more deaths at sea
Weekly reports: January 2016 - One of the deadliest months ever in the Aegean Sea
Callout for transnational actions on the 6th February 2016
Weekly Reports: Alarm Phone experienced both quiet and extremely busy shifts
Weekly Report: Das Neue Jahr beginnt mit mehr als insgesamt 60 Toten in der Ägäis und in Ceuta (Spanien)
Weekly Reports: The end of the year approaches – Migration toward Europe continues in high numbers
Weekly Reports: Many deaths in the Aegean Sea and hundreds stuck on Greek Military Island
Pressemitteilung: Menschenrechtsverletzungen auf der Insel Farmakonisi
Weekly Reports: Erneut Tote an Europas südlicher Grenze: Ein Boot vor den kanarischen Inseln gesunken
Weekly reports: Unabated Migration Movements in all three regions of the Mediterranean Sea
Weekly report: Tödliche Hilfsverweigerung im westlichen Mittelmeer & zunehmend abgeschottete Grenzen in Griechenland
Weekly reports: 39 Emergency Situations in Europe’s maritime borderzones
Weekly reports: Gestrandet in der Ägäis – Das Alarm Phone erreichten zahlreiche Notrufe von Menschen die an schwer zugänglichen Küstenabschnitten angekommen waren
Weekly reports: Most deadly week of 2015 in the Aegean Sea, Alarm Phone alerted to 100 distress cases
Pressemitteilung: Frontex slows down registration procedures in “Hot Spot” Moria, leaving refugees for days in life-threatening conditions
Weekly Reports: Alarm Phone witnessed armed attacks on 6 boats in the Aegean Sea
Erklärung zu einem Jahr Alarm Phone
Weekly Report: What we are currently witnessing is not a ‘migration’ crisis but a European crisis
Weekly Report: Attacks occurred in the Aegean Sea by masked men, presumably units of the Greek coastguard
Pressemitteilung: Distress at sea and endangered lives due to coastguard actions?
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