Press release by Association des Mères de Migrants Disparus

We, as the Association des Mères de Migrants Disparus (Mothers of Disappeared Migrants) and on behalf of the mothers and sisters of the disappeared, denounce the statement of the head of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which we consider shameful and damaging to the dignity, despising their feeling of distress after the loss of their children, some of whom have not seen their sons for more than 20 years and do not know if they are alive or dead.

We want to mention that if our children had found consideration from the governments and dignity in their countries, they would not have left them.

Firstly, we blame the policy of the southern countries, especially Tunisia, which has destroyed our children and has not provided them with the life they deserve.  The only mistake that our children have done is their ambition to seek a better future and improve their conditions in other countries.

Secondly, we blame the policy of the European Union, which is considered racist, for imposing visas on us and closing the borders in the face of our children, while the EU citizens go to our countries without any problems or queues to take visas – an identity card being sufficient to enter. Furthermore, their governments are colluding with ours to undermine and exploit our wealth, and in consequence, we have been deprived of development projects that could have created opportunities and jobs for our youth.

Therefore, we call for more caution and consideration of the feelings of mothers before making statements that are not appropriate, and even the apology we saw, we did not feel its sincerity but only received it as a formal reply.

Finally, we affirm that we will continue our struggle for the sake of our children and will struggle for them, and we demand that the truth about their disappearance be revealed.

Mothers and sisters of the disappeared:

Fatma Kasraoui (mother)
Samia Jabloun (mother)
Awatef Daoudi (mother)
Sarra Besbes (sister)
Lamia Walhazi (sister)
Latifa Walhazi (sister)
Souad Rouahi (mother)
Malika Abdsamad (mother)
Faouzia Louati (mother)
Mounira Gouili (mother)
Soumaya Besbes (sister)
Monjia Nassri (mother)
Fadhila Jawachi (mother)
Rania Abdelatif (sister)