« Tanger est ouverte » ? - Calculs politiques le long des routes vers l’Espagne
Entre mouvement et deuil - la lutte continue au long des routes vers l'Espagne
Un nombre choquant de morts, mais aussi des luttes grandissantes sur place
Des itinéraires de voyage en constante évolution en Méditerranée occidentale - le mouvement vers le Sud et l'Est
Analyse régionale de la Méditerranée occidentale
Méditerranée occidentale analyse régionale
Les luttes des femmes en mouvement
«Personne ne peut arrêter la pluie.» – Les refoulements en mer Égée
L’Alarm Phone en Méditerranée Centrale
Le “champ de bataille” cachée - luttes pour la liberté de mouvement au Maroc
Analyse régionale, méditerranée occidentale
L'industrie Européenne des Refoulements en Mer
Je n’ai pas besoin de passer aux infos, j’ai besoin d’être secouru.
Et pourtant, on continue - 2018, une année contestée
Entre la Criminalisation, le Sauvetage tardif et la Mort Massive, la Lutte pour la Liberté de Mouvement continue
Weekly Reports: Where is Europe’s Outrage? Continued Border Transgressions and Struggles in times of Mass Drownings, Push-Backs, and Europe’s Silence
Weekly Reports: Changing Escape Routes: Alarm Phone experiences in the Mediterranean Sea
Weekly Reports: Persistent attempts to reach Europe on ever more dangerous routes
Weekly Reports: The New Aegean Deportation Regime: Mass incarcerations in hotspots and forced expulsions of Migrants and Refugees
Weekly Report: The week that Europe agrees on inhumane deal with Turkey, many die at sea
Weekly Reports: Bad weather, violence and ongoing movements in the Aegean
Weekly Reports: Even prior to the EU-Turkey deal, thousands of people are locked into Turkey and Greece
Weekly Reports: Calls from the Greek-Macedonian border for international solidarity
Weekly reports: Militarization will make the Mediterranean border zone even more deadly!
Weekly Reports: Commemorating past border atrocities and struggling against future ones: Transnational solidarity actions on the day of more deaths at sea
Weekly reports: January 2016 - One of the deadliest months ever in the Aegean Sea
Rapports hebdomadaires: Alarmphone a connu des quarts de travail tout autant calmes que chargés
Rapports hebdomadaires: La nouvelle année débute avec plus de 60 morts en mer Égée et à Ceuta (Espagne)
Weekly Reports: The end of the year approaches – Migration toward Europe continues in high numbers
Weekly Reports: Many deaths in the Aegean Sea and hundreds stuck on Greek Military Island
Weekly reports: Unabated Migration Movements in all three regions of the Mediterranean Sea
Weekly reports: Deadly denial of assistance in the Western Med; borders of Greece increasingly sealed off
Weekly reports: 39 Emergency Situations in Europe’s maritime borderzones
Weekly reports: Stranded in the Aegean – The Alarm Phone received various distress calls from those who reached Greek Islands and needed immediate support
Most deadly week of 2015 in the Aegean Sea, Alarm Phone alerted to 100 distress cases
Weekly reports: The route has become even more dangerous
Weekly Reports: Alarm Phone witnessed armed attacks on 6 boats in the Aegean Sea
Weekly Report: What we are currently witnessing is not a ‘migration’ crisis but a European crisis
Weekly Report: Attacks occurred in the Aegean Sea by masked men, presumably units of the Greek coastguard
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