Violent Pushback after arrival at Fylakio refugee prison

A person reports that after arriving on their own at Fylakio refugee prison, giving their names to the authorities and voicing the wish to apply for asylum, they were pushed back to Turkey. He tells us the story of their crossing to Greece in the middle of September 2022 and the violent pushback from Greek authorities back to Turkey:

I am from Iraq and it was 3 weeks ago when I tried to cross with a group of 14 people, one family and friends, all from Syria and Iraq. We arrived at the prison in Fylakio already, we walked there without food or water, we arrived in the morning and then we screamed for help and for someone. We were very exhausted and had kids with us. We gave our names there and tried to apply for asylum. But then the police officers came, who took us to another prison, took all our belongings (gold jewelry, phones, money and even our clothes) and made us to get off everything, also our shoes. They beat us and treated us very bad. Like dogs. The officers did not give food nor water to us. In total it was 8-9 hours we spent there in the small prison room and then the officers sent us in small groups on the way to the river and then in small boats to go back to Turkey. Tell me my friend, why are they doing this? We search a place of safety and even arrived in Greece and got pushed back so violently and illegal.”



We condemn such violations of human rights and we will continue to denounce them and stand in solidarity with all people on the move – For the right to freedom of movement!