Solidarity with Proactiva OpenArms and with the Stansted15!

Proactiva Open Arms:

Open Arms is a rescue ship and crew that prevents people from drowning in the Mediterranean. The ship has been seized and impounded in Italy, and the crew now faces various false and entirely baseless charges, including human trafficking. This decrease in non-governmental presence in the already dangerously under-monitored waters off the coast of Libya undoubtedly means increased deaths at sea and further ‘pull-backs’ by the frequently violent so-called Libyan coastguards.


Fifteen people in England continue to face terrorism charges after they took action and successfully prevented a plane, scheduled to deport 50 asylum seekers and migrants from departing from Stansted airport on the 28th of March 2017. The deportation flight was bound for Nigeria. The action of stopping the flight was not only unprecedented – by being the first of its kind in the UK – but it also meant that 35 of the people on-board were able to stay in the UK and pursue their cases! Direct action yields results! The consequences of the charges against the #Stansted15 include increased intimidation of anti-deportation efforts, particularly considering the grossly high nature of anti-terror charges with sentences reaching life imprisonment.

BOTH CASES are characterised by the extreme nature of criminal charges.

BOTH CASES are characterised by European states attempting to criminalise solidarity.

BOTH CASES compel us to strengthen our solidarity and to resist against the murderous border regimes which cause ceaseless death and suffering.

Sea Rescue is not a crime! Solidarity with Open Arms!
Civil disobedience is not a crime! Solidarity with the Stansted 15!

#EndDeportations #DropTheCharges