Call to Action - Sarost 5

Call to Action:

It has been two weeks now and the 40 people on board of Sarost 5 are still stranded at sea. The Tunisian Red Crescent visited the boat and reported that two pregnant women were in dire need of medical attention and would have to be disembarked immediately. Malta is stalling and still not stepping up to its duty mandated by international law to provide a safe harbour on its land when it fails to find a safe harbour elsewhere.

Therefore, we call on everyone to do the following:

  1. Write to your MEP and tell them to take immediate action and demand an immediate solution.
  2. Write to your journalist contacts and ask them to report on the issue.
  3. Retweet and tweet at journalists,
  4. Write an email to or tweet at the Special Envoy of the UNHCR for the Central Mediterranean situation, Mr Cochetel, and demand from UNHCR to promote refugee rights and lobby for a safe harbour for the 40 people where they can apply for asylum. Email:, Twitter: @cochetel
  5. Write an email to the Maltese government and remind them that they have failed to find a safe harbour for 2 weeks and are violating its legal and moral obligation to provide an actual safe harbour for the people where they can apply for asylum. Email to the Maltese prime minister: twitter: @JosephMuscat_JM

We call on everyone to do some of these measures, or all of them if possible, to alleviate the suffering of the 40 people on board of Sarost 5.

Video and written testimonies from the people can be found here:

Alarm Phone is doing what it can to bring the group’s voice to the public eye: Facebook twitter: