The Alarm Phone needs money!

September 16, 2019: For a whole night our shift teams assist a boat in the central Mediterranean Sea. 90 people had started in Libya and had already fought their way into the Maltese search and rescue zone. Using a satellite telephone, they repeatedly informed us of their latest GPS positions, which we immediately forwarded to the coastguard. Early in the morning we are relieved to receive confirmation: the people are all safe. The calls to and from the satellite phone are expensive; several times we had topped up their credit to keep the boat in communication. This one night cost us approximately 250 euro and we had many such nights in the last few weeks.

October 3, 2019: With a small delegation the Alarm Phone travelled to Malta. We are looking for local partners to help us put pressure on the Maltese Coast Guard. In one case it took 17(!) hours before a boat was finally rescued. Important new contacts were made during our visit to Malta, as well as new ideas on how we can increase pressure for immediate rescue. The travel costs amounted to about 1000 euro.

October 2019: We need updated leaflets on the “Risks at Sea” as well as reprints of our visitor cards with our number and a short explanation in many languages. Estimated printing costs: approximately 2000 euro.

November 2019: Our Alarm Phone activists from Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco and Senegal will of course be present at the upcoming internal network meeting in Marseille. Also friends from our sister project, Alarm Phone Sahara, from Niger are invited for an exchange. Travel costs of about 6000 euro will be incurred.

Our project tries to cope with as little expense as possible. We have about 200 members, but not a single paid job. For the Alarm Phone we all work on a voluntary basis. However, costs like the examples above are regularly incurred, and currently we only have enough money to last to the beginning of 2020. We are therefore, asking for donations. We are happy to accept standing orders for small sums, or one-off donations. Every contribution helps us:

  • to run our self-organised call centre, to call people’s satellite telephones on boats and load them with credit online;
  • to spread our emergency number in migrant communities by means of multilingual visitor cards;
  • to distribute information flyers on risks at sea;
  • to create campaign material against Frontex and the border regime;
  • to organise network meetings and to undertake contact and research trips to the various transit regions.

Our project is independent and needs donations.

In 5 years the Alarm Phone project has accompanied and supported nearly 3000 boats. We will continue with our hotline, until the dying at sea comes to an end! With our work we aim for concrete corridors of solidarity. We fight for the right to freedom of movement and for equal rights for all people on this planet.

Thank you for your support!



EU Account

Forschungsgesellschaft Flucht & Migration, Sparkasse der Stadt Berlin
IBAN: DE68 10050000 0610024264
Donation Reference: Watchthemed Alarm Phone

For donation receipts, please contact us at:


Swiss Account

Verein Watch The Med Alarmphone Schweiz
PC: 61-172503-0
IBAN: CH21 0900 0000 6117 2503 0

When donating from a swiss account you will automatically receive a receipt. If you have any problems, please contact us at:


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