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The Alarm Phone 3 years on

Published on our third anniversary, in this brochure we reflect on the many experiences we have made as the WatchTheMed Alarm Phone in supporting people on the move between October 2014 and October 2017. In this period of time, our hotline project has dealt with more than 1840 emergency situations in the three main regions of the Mediterranean Sea and, thereby, has directly taken part in struggles over freedom of movement. The historic year of 2015, when more than one million people came to Europe across the sea, was followed by a period of harsh repression, when the EU border regime reinforced its deterrence apparatus to an unprecedented extent. As a result, thousands more have lost their lives at sea and many more remain imprisoned in unbearable conditions and are prevented from escaping. Nonetheless, whenever our phone rings, we are reminded of how those on the move continue to find their path, stubbornly defying human-made barriers while enacting their right to move.


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