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Our Alarm Phone requires donations urgently! Small or large amounts, cash-based, via your bank, or through PayPal – they are all tax deductible. We need the funding to maintain and expand our project:
• To cover the costs of the self-organised call centre
• To charge satellite phones with credit
• For information and campaign materials
• For research trips
• For network meetings

→ standing order

With 5€, 20€ or 50€, you can support our continuous work with important regular donations. Arrange a standing order to the bank account listed below.

→ single donation

Whether privately, as a group or through solidarity projects, single donations to the bank account below will help us a lot.

→ via paypal

Account holder: 
Forschungsgesellschaft Flucht & Migration
IBAN: DE68 10050000 0610024264
Donation Reference: Watchthemed Alarm Phone
For donation receipts, please contact the following
Email address: email hidden; JavaScript is required

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Our main working language is English. Therefore the English version of the website is the one most up-to-date. We will however, also continuously work on updating the website in all the other languages.
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