How does the Alarmphone work?

The first video explains to refugees and migrants our possibilities and limits and also the main procedure in order to get better prepared when they are coming in distress while crossing the mediterranean sea.

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The second one describes the daily work, the technical methods and the political aims of the project against the background of the ongoing sea crossings between Turkey and Greece.

Please help to spread. The first one mainly to refugee- and migrant-communities (more languages will be available soon). And the second one to the wider public, who might be interested.
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اللّغة الانقليزيّة هي اللّغة الأساسيّة لعملنا لذلك ستكون النّسخة الانقليزيّة للموقع النّسخة الأكثر تحديثا. مع ذلك سنعمل بصورة متواصلة على تحديث الموقع في اللّغات الأخرى أيضا